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Enhanced thermoelectric response in the fractional quantum Hall effect

Pablo Roura-Bas, Liliana Arrachea, Eduardo Fradkin

We study the linear thermoelectric response of a quantum dot embedded in a constriction of a quantum Hall bar with fractional filling factors nu=1/m within Laughlin series. We calculate the figure of merit ZT for the maximum efficiency at a fixed temperature difference. We find a significant enhancement of this quantity in the fractional filling in relation to the integer-filling case, which is a direct consequence of the fractionalization of the electron in the fractional quantum Hall state. We present simple theoretical expressions for the Onsager coefficients at low temperatures, which explicitly show that ZT and the Seebeck coefficient increase with m.

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ArXiv number: 1711.09721 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.97.081104